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You have woo-woo people running around quoting things out of various books, and selling it as some holistic fix-all solution. I was trained to never drink while working not professionalso It actually got a rather boring standing around the same club every night. Just think of it like working out, when you first start you absolutely dread it beforehand, feel extreme discomfort and then feel a wave of achievement after which drives you on, eventually you do it so much that you don't dread it before, you feel little to no discomfort during and you just treat it like normal afterwards. Want to join? But you can also implement things that you learn conceptually from other people's experiences.

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So here is the email:.

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What the heck is a 10? I work at a bar and I got talking to one of the regulars, he's a trekkie and he was saying how if he ever met the actress who played Dax in real life, he would ask her out and he would be devastated if she rejected him, and that he would probably be depressed for a long time. I agree with you that you have to take action and learn through repetition first and foremost. So true. Get a copy of my Building Attraction Audio Course. But maybe he wrote a post for a very specific demographic, guys who are extremely critical of themselves for no reason. Mike said, in January 17th, at 3:

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