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This, in Shariah terms, is immoral. Be firm and strong. Sexual Personae: Can you read erotic and sexual literature? She offered him to sleep with him without marriage but he refused fearing committing haram. Indeed I am for you a trustworthy messenger. Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson.

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Indeed, the Prophet gave us a clear example as he said:

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Nor would a morally upright Muslim sister like to marry a Muslim male who did an oral or "Blow job or whatever it is called" in slang terms to any other woman. But he never responded, I tried to call him but no answer. However, there are many situations when a man does not have a condom or his spouse is not on the pill or other medication to prevent pregnancy. However, if he has done such an act of anal sex in an act of consensual adultery, the hadd of adultery will be imposed on him, but he would have to provide Ghurm compensation if he had raped her1 to the value of dowry that would be bestowed to someone of her status. Masturbation for both men and women is haraam forbidden in Islam based on the following evidence:

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