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The word "stupid" was usually changed to "foolish," "silly," "lame-o," or some other variation, except when Gwen says it in I Triple Dog Dare You! And they did. She then begins to become slightly bossy, beginning with forcing her team to pick Beth to be the serial killer in the challenge, something which she called "so delicious" and "almost better than being pretty. In the final part of the challenge, she diffuses her bomb first, with the help of Courtney's pliers. After her team wins, Lindsay hugs Heather and Beth, and also gets hugged by a naked Owen, which Lindsay did not seem to mind although she was rather shocked. Lindsay doesn't mind though, saying that friends mean more than money.

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Harold and Lindsay end up coming in last in the conditioning, and they are pinned against each other in boxing.

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She complained when Izzy acted crazy, started to eat some pizzas and threw some pieces on Lindsay's hair. So the Grips were tied with the Gaffers and had to do a tie break. I'm not interested in banal sex. In the same episode, Lindsay started to rethink joining Heather's alliance. She was later paired with Heather in the fourth challenge, the blind trapeze. Lindsay is on her school gymnastics team and has been praised by her team because of her beauty. Before the final marshmallow is given out, the RCMP arrives and chases Izzy off the island, causing Lindsay to get the final marshmallow by default.

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