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The fact that Hiccup was on the covers was fine. I'll decide if its worthy of being called awesome. She let out a soft gasp and leaned forward into his touch. He removed his hand from under shirt and the other from her waist while she took hers from around his neck and the inside his new silver-grey tunic. Next chapter to the first story is still in progress. He sorta has a She smiled deviously at the embarrassed look on his face.

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He pulled back, ready to be out of her altogether and hate himself forever for hurting her, when all of the sudden, she gasped and stopped him with a hand on his back.

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Astrid leaned in to kiss him again, but was interrupted by his cold fingers brushing over her right nipple. She looked around the room curiously and spotted some drawings she hadnt seen before pinned to the wall in front of him. Her teenage friends lounged about nearby, having been invited here by Astrid. Let me hear how much you love this" she nearly screamed. Seeking more info on Hiccup's issue, she knocked on the front door instead of jumping through the roof like she usually did.

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