Am i dating a control freak

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Related Relationships Read More. Insecurity brings the control on with no doubts. You can share common goals and dreams with your boyfriend, but you must not let him destroy some of your own dreams. These situations happen,when people are of different levels. Nothing ever seems like the truth to them.

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This, in turn, makes them feel powerful and they feel safe when they have someone to direct and lead them completely.

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19 Signs you are dating a control freak

But, if your partner still blames you for your pessimistic thoughts and tries to make you guilty then it is better to run away from the control freak rather than to make your life miserable. If he feels he needs to read your emails and messages, then he is trying to control you. Not only have you just turned someone who may have just been a friend into forbidden fruit, you are restricting the people that can be in your partner's life. Their ego is NOT your problem. Learnt our less now, A perfect charm, broken now, don't know how. God forbid you realize you're too good for him.

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am i dating a control freak
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am i dating a control freak
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am i dating a control freak
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