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When that wasn't enough, his hand abandoned her thigh to clutch her hip. This is at odds with other established canon; for instance, Hunter Borgia was a human made Yautja-Human hybrid that was put to death by Scarface. Initially, the Predator was a very different creature. Some Predators, referred to as "Hish", have been known to possess a gland located between their neck and collarbone which secretes powerful hormones into their bloodstream and which drives them to hyper-aggression. Clips from category. For example, during events on Bouvet Islandthe Predator Scar deliberately caused a deceased Xenomorph to shoot out its inner jaw and startle Lexand her shock and fear apparently gave Scar some amusement.

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Chapter 2 3.

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Chapter 15 There may be variants between clans and Predator sub-species, as the clans do not often interact with each other. Nira Hunting Armor, which if of course made to aid in the hunt, and Military Armor, which is designed with war in mind. To placate her, he continued to purr deeply.

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