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As a result, more than one writer has explored what might happen if the two hooked up. Steve Trevor is famous for being Wonder Woman's favorite military mortal, but he isn't the only man to have wooed the Amazonian princess. But that turned out to be pointless, because a portal to an alternate universe opened up, and an alternate version of Steve came through, triggering the whole romance over again—until the second dead Steve came back from the grave! On Themyscira, Diana's most important relationship seems to have been with an Amazon named Kasia. Unfortunately, it turned out that Mike was actually a member of the playing-card-themed supervillain team called the Royal Flush Gang. Perhaps the most lasting contribution to the Wonder Woman series that the much-heralded but ultimately short-lived writer Allan Heinberg made was giving Wonder Woman a new romantic interest in Tom Tresser, AKA Nemesis.

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Hippolyta then gives Tresser and Wonder Woman her blessing.

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What even diehard fans don't know about Wonder Woman's love life

Readers have seen Donna and Kyle go through ups and downs, spats and make-up sex, like any long-term couple has. Although DC toyed with making the two of them a couple in alternate stories, their love wasn't official canon until Justice League 12 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. Kyle cements their bond by giving her a necklace made from his power ring. What was most appealing about Griggs to Diana was that he was more taken with Diana Prince than he was with Wonder Woman. The Powerpuff Girls: Naturally, Diana won the contest and adopted the star-spangled costume of Wonder Woman a version of this story, updated so as not to be a period piece, was the basis of DC's direct-to-DVD Wonder Woman animated movie. Unfortunately for her, Nemesis didn't want to have children.

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